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Pirated movie release formats

Nobody can deny that they have never seen or downloaded pirated movies, actually without pirated movies life would get a tad bit boring. In recent times the pirated Version of the  movies are available on the Internet on the same day of movie release. But before downloading pirated movies always check the release formats. Without the basic knowledge of different pirated movie formats you would be left with a bad copy of the film when other better prints were available for download. So i thought about writing about the popular pirated movie formats. Mostly the information is taken from wikipedia but i have also included my own opinions and experiences of the formats so if you want you can take a look at the wikipedia article. So here are the different formats arranged mostly in the sequence of their releases time.

Type:- CAM
Label :- CAMRip or CAM
Mostly CAM version of the movies appear online on the same day of movie release. CAM copies of the movies are made by recording the movie using a camcorder in the theaters. Due to this, the print quality depends upon the quality of the camcorder. The sound quality too is not that good as it is recorded by the camcorder.
Note:- If you are in a real hurry to watch the movie and the only available version is a CAM, then try to download the movie from good site uploaded by popular warez groups like FXG, aXXo, Devise etc. If downloading from torrent please read the comments, you can get a fairly good idea of the print by reading the comments.

Type:- Telesync
Labels:- TS or PreDVD
TS versions are CAM versions with a better audio from a secondary source.
PreDVD are rips of pirated DVD sold on the roadside. They too actually are CAM versions, maybe of higher quality.
Note:- If you have waited for a TS and PreDVD copy i would suggest to wait a couple of days more for better quality prints.

Type:- Pay-Per-View Rip
Label:- PPVRip
These are rips of the moveis from the Pay per view sources .They are good quality prints and with good sound. Recently this prints have become very common.

Type:- Screener
Label :- DVDScr
These are the rips of the DVD and BR of the movie sent to the reviewers and other peoples for the purpose of reviewing the movie. Mostly the copies have watermarks or messages. Some times some of the film sequences are in Black and White.

Type:- Region 5
Label:- R5
R5 are rip of the DVD of the movies available in the region 5 which consist of the Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, Russia and Mongolia.
Note:- It is suggested that the audio quality of the R5 prints is not that good because the audio is synced later from some secondary source. But my experience with R5 rips has been good and i was not able to find many difference between the audio, so i would suggest its OK to download R5 rips.

Type:- HDTV or DS rip
Label:- HDTV, TVrip or DTHrip
This are rips captured from the analog or DTH sources.

Type:- DVD and Blu-Ray rips
Label:- DVDrip and BDrips
These are the best quality rips as the are ripped from the official DVD and Blu-Rays of the movie.
Note:- In recent times the DVD and Blu-Rays appear online very quickly so if you are not in a great hurry to see the movie, i would suggest to wait for this version of the movie.

There are some more version but this are the most popular/common ones and i would suggest you to stick with this versions.
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9 Responses to “Pirated movie release formats”

Canihas said...

wow very interesting, i didn't know that there were so many different kinda of rips. +following

Ken said...

great post dude.

Spader said...

I always try to download BDRips when I can..

Heather said...

I hate first day cams so much, but screeners are amazing.

pv said...

this is great information man, def know each type well

Milky said...

Sweet post, I didn't know there was so many types of rips o;

Akash said...

hey can anyone tell me the websites for torrent of pirated movie download........

mayur shett said...

Mostly you will find them on Piratebay. Isohunt is also a good site for movies. Or you can just search on google, just type the movies name followed by "torrent".

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