Friday, June 11, 2010


I have noticed, that most people get interested in hacking just to hack their Friend's or enemy's social networking account, so i am writing this tutorial to introduce you to some basic, easy and popular techniques to hack social networking accounts.

lets start with the easier ones

One of the most popular and easy way of hacking passwords and other information is keylogging. Keylogging in general refers to keeping track of the keys pressed on a computer system using software or hardware devices.

for detailed tutorial on keylogging and keyloggers please click here KEYLOGGING to go to my post on keylogging

PHISHING is a hacking method in which the attacker sends a email or link to the target. Clicking on which will take him to a website which looks exactly the same as websites like facebook, myspace, orkut, paypal, ebay etc. where he will be told to provide his information or login details and bingo! he is hacked and the best part is after that he will be redirected to the original website and some common reason like network or server problem will be shown, so he won't even know that he was hacked. Though a bit hard, phishing attack can give excellent results.

for a detailed tutorial on phishing please click here PHISHING to see my post on phishing.

3) HTTP SESSION HIJACKING ( Cookie Stealing)
When you log into a social networking website, they provide you with a 'cookie' which is like your passport while you are logged in. Every time you open a new page in your account, the website checks whether you have the cookie, if you don't, you are not allowed to go further. Http session hijacking is a method used to get hold of  the target's cookie, which can then be used to bypass the log in procedure and directly get entry to the target's social networking accounts.

For tutorial on Http session hijacking please visit my post FIRESHEEP TUTORIAL (Http Session Hijacking)


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