Monday, April 18, 2011

Cracking PDF User Passwords Or Editing Encrypted PDF ( Tutorial )

PDF has become one of the most popular and widely used file format. Today mostly all the ebooks are available in PDF format. But many times the PDF files are password protected by the creator or the owner. There are two types of password protection for the PDF files. A user password and owner password. The user password doesn't allow the user to open the file without entering the password and the owner password doesn't allow the user to print or edit the PDF file. There are many situation where you may find it necessary  to crack this passwords like when you forget the user password to your personal PDF file or you may want to edit the file for what so ever reason or you may just want to crack the password because you can. There is no greater delight in computers then cracking of passwords. Here are methods to crack the both user and owner passwords using a software.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today one of the main use of the Internet is to see pirated movies. Many of the Internet users get a Internet connection especially for this. For a experienced netizen searching  pirated movies is a child's play but the new and inexperienced users have a hard time finding the movies. Now searching for anything pirated is a art and it becomes more perfect after lots of experience. Also every user has his own techniques and tricks. Here i present you with some of the most popular ways of downloading or streaming pirated movies online.

If you have a fast Internet, streaming the pirated movies is best for you because you can see them right away, no need for completion of the download. Here are the most famous, reliable and fast video streaming websites.
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