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Today one of the main use of the Internet is to see pirated movies. Many of the Internet users get a Internet connection especially for this. For a experienced netizen searching  pirated movies is a child's play but the new and inexperienced users have a hard time finding the movies. Now searching for anything pirated is a art and it becomes more perfect after lots of experience. Also every user has his own techniques and tricks. Here i present you with some of the most popular ways of downloading or streaming pirated movies online.

If you have a fast Internet, streaming the pirated movies is best for you because you can see them right away, no need for completion of the download. Here are the most famous, reliable and fast video streaming websites.

YouTube is the most popular video streaming website on the Internet. Mostly all the newly released movies are quickly uploaded on it. You can search for the film using google, just query "film name and youtube".
Here is a useful tip, when you search through google or directly on youtube using just the film's name mostly the search result contains the films trailers or clips from the film. So best thing to do is search "Film's name Part 1" this is because films are mostly uploaded in parts on youtube as  it does not allow videos greater then 15 minutes.

Veoh is another very popular video streaming website. To see the videos you have to download and install their player, from their website. Without the player you can't watch videos on Veoh. You get entire movies in one part here. You will also find rare movies which you normally don't find elsewhere. The streaming is also fast.


This is one more site were you will find pirated movies uploaded in parts. Its streaming is also very fast.

 There are many more video streaming sites like metacafe, megavideos but the above for are more reliable and fast.

If you want to download the pirated movie to see it later, here are some popular methods to download pirated movies.

1) P2P file sharing (bittorrent and P2P networks)
The best way to download pirated movies is using torrent. Mostly all new films are uploaded on torrent in a very short time after release. Mostly the movies uploaded are in HD but you will easily find movies in other formats like divx also. P2P networks like Gnutella are also great source of pirated movies.
If you are new to P2P and don't know how to start with it, my earlier post on P2P file sharing will be helpful here is the link to the post  Introduction to P2P file sharing.                

(always read the comments to get an idea of the films authenticity and quality)

2) File sharing sites like Rapidshare, Hotfile, Megaupload, etc are also great source of pirated movies but there is no way to test the authenticity of uploaded movies unlike the torrent where you can get an idea after reading the comments. You can use google to search the films or can directly search on their respective websites but there is a site where you can search for the film on this file sharing sites all at once.

3) If you want to download the movies for seeing the them especially on your smartphone or tablet there are sites where you can download movies which are already converted for viewing on the smartphone's and tablet's small screen here are couple of such sites

There are many search engines dedicated to the task of searching movies. Here are some of them
1)  (Former /
Let me watch this is one of the most popular site providing links to mostly all the latest movies via different video sharing sites like megavideo, novamov , shockshare, putlocker etc. Not only movies you can also get
links to popular tv shows, music etc. 

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letmewatchthis said..., all you have to do is sing up and can watch free movies and even download them, some movies, like the new releases so not have very good quality, but old ones do!I hope this helps you!..

mayur shett said...

Readers Pls note that the site stated above is not the same as the site stated in the post. This is .me and that is .ch

Anonymous said... also works. you don't need to sign up at all.

Thanks for this guide for searching free movies online. Not everyone can pay 100$ a month to watch movies so this post is from great help.

Emma206 said...

This is a nice post about free movies online i think that this way for watching is much better.

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