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Cracking PDF User Passwords Or Editing Encrypted PDF ( Tutorial )

PDF has become one of the most popular and widely used file format. Today mostly all the ebooks are available in PDF format. But many times the PDF files are password protected by the creator or the owner. There are two types of password protection for the PDF files. A user password and owner password. The user password doesn't allow the user to open the file without entering the password and the owner password doesn't allow the user to print or edit the PDF file. There are many situation where you may find it necessary  to crack this passwords like when you forget the user password to your personal PDF file or you may want to edit the file for what so ever reason or you may just want to crack the password because you can. There is no greater delight in computers then cracking of passwords. Here are methods to crack the both user and owner passwords using a software.

Advanced PDF Password Recovery

First you have to download the Advanced PDF Password Recovery software. Here are the links.

DOWNLOAD ( Torrent Link )

This password is very easy to crack, the above software cracks it instantly and then you are free to edit or print the PDF document. Here is the method.

STEP 1) Start the software and open the document to be cracked in it.

STEP 2) A window will instantly pop out like in the image below 

Click on "Decrypt now" button.

STEP 3) The PDF file will be instantly decrypted and it will provide you with the option to save the decrypted document in another location.

This password is very hard to crack and it can be done only using methods like Brute force and dictionary attack. But before you start lets have a look at the hurdles in this method. Now everyone knows that brute force is the method where the software tries every combination of letters to guess the correct password and so it can take very long time to guess lengthy passwords. Now PDF files are mostly encrypted using 128 and 256 bit AES encryption i have provided the benchmark results for brute forcing this passwords.
( This benchmarks results were taken on a PC with Celeron 2.2 processor, 1 Gb RAM, with no graphics card. Sorry, my other PC has been sent for repair and i had no choice but to take the results on this lower end PC, if you have a core processor or a  graphics card it will surely increase your speed, as the software supports GPU acceleration.)

as you can see the time to crack the password increases exponentially as the length of the password increases.The 256 bit takes less time then 128 and the maximum length of password you may think of cracking is 6. After seeing the above results if you still want to try to crack the password, here is the method

STEP 1) Start the software. The default setting are brute force attack for 4 letters. If you want you can change the setting and select dictionary attack or increase the length of the password to be cracked.

STEP 2) Now open the PDF file. A window will pop out, select "recover now" option.

STEP 3) The process will start and when it finds the password, it will notify you.

Note :- The above software is genuine and there is no legal problems in using it so happy cracking

11 Responses to “Cracking PDF User Passwords Or Editing Encrypted PDF ( Tutorial )”

Ryan said...

thanks man , this is working . I was having problem to crack 256 bit pdf .

mayur shett said...

You are always welcome. Keep visiting. Thank You!

cellz said...

This is a cool blog! Ive always wanted to learn to hack people!

Anonymous said...

This still doesn't tell me the basics really, good guide though, it seems like its for people that know how to hack, but only just started, I don't know how to hack

mayur shett said...

It is as basic as it gets. The software actually does everything for you. If you are referring to basic cryptography, encryption cracking and stuff that is too broad a concept to be discussed in a single blog post or even a entire blog.
This post is about cracking PDF password and i have tried to make the procedure as easy as possible to understand.
If you are genuinely interested in cracking passwords contact me i will try to provide you some basic resources for it.
Thank You for visiting and have nice day.

Dropshipper said...

Interesting layout on your blog. I really enjoyed reading it and also I will be back to read more in the future.

Anonymous said...


I need to remove passowrds from a large number of pdf files, edit them and then reprotect them.
Is there any software that can decrypt the pdf file in command line?
Is there any one in java ?
I see that brute crack is not soo fast, especially when we have complex passwords and a large number of pdf files to process. Do have any idea how we can do that ?


Anonymous said...

I'm using that software, and its ridiculously damn awesome. Got the pdf and office recovery.

but i have a multi-character user password on this pdf file, the ones with symbols, for the password to open the document itself, not after you open it. a 5 character password brute force alone consumed 1 day, and the 6 character attempt is estimated a year. HELP! Is there any other way?

Oh, btw, could you tell us how these passwords actually protect the document? and how is it different from encryption? Thanks! And great effort!

arjun said...

i want to learn internet websites hacking
can u help me ??

Katherine said...

From my personal experience i can tell that above mentioned steps are helpful but for the smaller size. So far as the big are huge files are concerned it is creating some problems. Is the problem same for you?

Cracktaking said...

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