Sunday, July 4, 2010


Many websites are blocked in schools and colleges for avoiding the misuse of the Internet but you can easily bypass this. Some of them use sophisticated methods but mostly the the preventive measures are not good enough to keep a curious student out. Some them can be bypassed using some very easy techniques, here is one such method.

Step 1) Go to start--> run--> type cmd and enter.

Step 2) Type ping (space) name of the website.and enter.
         eg. { here i have typed for Facebook}

Step 3) You will see something like this
         pinging of [ ip address]

Step 4) Type this ip address in your browser's address bar and ENJOY!

NOTE :- This may not work if some good software is used to block the websites, but it seldom happens i myself found this trick very useful in my college.


Anonymous said...

This doesnt work with dans gaurdian web blocker any idea??

mayur shett said...

DANS GAURDIAN has ip filtering option which does not allow even ip address of blocked websites, try
using proxy software try this

if even this doesnt work tell me i will try to bypass it myself

Anonymous said...

yeah it doesnt work

krish said...

this is not working...please give me one good is not working in my to open this website..

mayur shett said...

use "Tor browser"

krish said...

tor browser is not run in my system
showing error
what i do?
any other ways are there to open blocked websites?
pls tell

krish said...

my college server download limit is 70MB how to increase my download limit...
pis tell best ways...

mayur shett said...

Sorry for the late reply
I can't be of any help to you unless you can tell me which software or methods your college uses to limit the download. There is no general solution to this, you can try to understand how the software works and may be then you can find some backdoor in the system so without the definite knowledge of the system your college implements for limiting you i can't give you any advice.
Really Sorry

Anonymous said...

tor browser not working
any other ways to open youtube

Anonymous said...

What if your school blocks Command Prompt? "CMD" opens on the computers but when you hit a button it closes...

mayur shett said...

I am really doubtful whether the school will block CMD. It may be due to some computer glitch pls try on some other computer and if still not working, i would surely help you.

Anonymous said...

i tried other computers also
not working,,,,,,,,,,,

gkishorekumar said...

hey friends go to

download ultrasurf by searching its labels on left side
ull able to access blocked sites

if at all problems

connect to gkishore at

Anonymous said...

im at a public cafe for free internet and they disabled the start menu i was wondering how you would go about bypassing the start menu to get to the cmds

Anonymous said...

can u please tell us how to bypass FORTIGUARD software. My college had blocked sites using fortiguard fortinet software

Anonymous said...

@People Who Are Haveing Trouble with opening Start and Blocking CMD

Write it in notepad
Like Below

ping (Website name)

Save the document as a .bat and It should work

Anonymous said...

used ultra surf this will bypass all block website

Phani said...

Hey Actually I m using other`s wifi net... So In dat case how Should I be invisible so that he cannot track me and my record.. ? ?

Anonymous said...

go to this site u will find no of proxy sites enter the web site and u can surf even the blocked sites...........

Anonymous said...

what should do when the browser is blocked? ( address bar)

mayur shett said...

Please elaborate on the problem. Is the system not allowing you to install browser, is it not allowing you to open the browser, the browser is not allowing to connect to the internet ???. Please provide the full details, so i can try to solve the problem for efficiently.

Kostia Wilen said...

VPN is the only reliable way to access blocked websites like facebook, twitter and to access all type of blocked content anonymously. For safe browsing and anonymous access or to Unblock Games at School I only prefer "Hotspot Shield" free VPN. It is a VPN with 100% online privacy and web surfing.

David Warner said...

i am talking an easy way to start blocked websites whenever i want and any website i want to start without using any third celebration application because some time its difficult to set up any application due to limitations now i can start any blocked website from pc by simply clicking access any blocked site at school

Anonymous said...

@mayur shett

the site may be blocked from host file or u can use tracet command in cmd

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry I am super new to hacking and I don't know what the IP adress is when it comes up... do you think that you could tell me what that is suposed to look like? Thanks! Hopefull I will be able to use Youtube now!! :)

Rajesh Rajbhoi said...

How can i access in fortiguard blocked websites..??

Manie Boama said...

How can i access in fortiguard blocked websites..??

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