Friday, April 13, 2012

Proxy To Bypass Restrictions On College Network

Seeing the amount of time and bandwidth students waste on social networking sites and torrent downloads. Most of the colleges (at-least in India) have blocked access to such sites on their network. The effectiveness of this restrictive measures depend upon the system used by the college to place this restrictions. Now most of this systems can be easily bypassed by using some simple trick or procedure. But some colleges employ professional system to place the restrictions. Bypassing them can be a real headache. But here is a proxy service which you can use to even bypass this professional systems. Frankly i didn't try it, but one of my friend was facing the restrictions on his college Wi-Fi, especially for torrent downloads. Now he had the options to use other bypassing tricks but it would not work for him because he was compelled to use his student login details to connect to the internet and he feared that if the authorities came across his bypassing he would be permenately blocked from the network. But when he used the below proxy service according to him the proxy bypassed the whole login procedure and directly connected to the internet.

PD-Proxy is a proxy software which uses tunneling to provide more secure connection to the internet. According to my freind, it uses VPN to bypass the system and connect directly to internet. If you are using Wi-Fi this VPN service can be very useful as the information travelling from your computer to the VPN is encryted and thus you have an added layer of security.
To use the service, you have to visit their website and sign up. Then download and install the software. Connect through the software and enjoy. Their free account has 100mb limit. Before you buy premium account please check if it works for you, don't come blaming me later, because you can never be sure which service is good to bypass a particular restricting system. 

Click here to visit PD-Proxy website                                

9 Responses to “Proxy To Bypass Restrictions On College Network”

Anonymous said...

please help me
my college blocked all videos and mp3 and social network websites.......blocked most of the all proxy websites...voice chat also blocked........... even softwares also couldn't limit only for 50mb..........????
how to solve this all.........???
any way here to hack my college server..?
or other ways to break above problems??
please tell.............i am eagerly waiting for your reply and solution of above problems.
please don't deceived me............

keyloggers said...

Good post on bypassing the proxy server on your college any another post how to delete your passwords that are automatically stored on your server is any way if you want to permanently delete your password without logs it in server.

sesilia said...

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Anonymous said...

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