Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Windows Access is a software from Microsoft for database management.Access database are widely used in many softwares and fields, but this database are mostly password protected by the creator. so here is a tutorial to crack this password in just few seconds using the software CAIN & ABEL.

Step 1) Download and install the software CAIN & ABEL (its a freeware and can be downloaded for free from here  DOWNLOAD
                                        DOWNLOAD ( mirror )

Step 2) Follow the instructions in the pictures.

PERSONAL NOTE :- This trick has been very useful to me as mostly all Visual basic projects use Access databases, but they are mostly password protected. But by using this trick it becomes very easy to study these databases. ENJOY.


Anonymous said...

Does it have a virus ?

Anonymous said...

wont have a malware but would be detected as a HACKTOOL by your AV... so better ignore if its detected...!!
But if you DO see sumiin like a backdoor or a trojan or such shit...!!

Anonymous said...


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