Saturday, August 28, 2010

HISTORY OF HACKING (discovery channel documentary)

This is a discovery channel documentary on "history of hacking" giving a brief account of the development of Hacking and tells about the new trends and techniques evolved with time.

It is focused on three legendary hacker personalities.
1) John Draper ( also known as Captain Crunch) :- The story of evolution of Phreaking is told using John Draper's experiences, a famous figure in Phreaking.

2)Steve Wozniak :- The co-founder of APPLE also famously known as "The other Steve" . Steve Wozniak made the first apple computer in his garage, which is widely considered as the first successful personal computer. 

3) Kevin Mitnick :-Last but not the least is the famous celebrity in hacking Kevin Mitnick. He represents the modern face of hacking. Famous for penetrating networks of famous companies like Nokia, Motorola etc.

its a bit old documentary but a sure watch one.

it is available on YOU TUBE here is the link   go to the video

you can also download it from here
DOWNLOAD (files tube)
DOWNLOAD (torrent link)

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