Friday, August 13, 2010

HOW TO USE PATCH FILE ( provided with cracked softwares)

Generally the executable files which are provided by software developers to fix some bugs in their software or as a update to the latest version of their softwares used by the users are called Patch Files. But the executable files provided with softwares to crack them are also called Patch files.
If you download softwares using torrent and other p2p sharing sites you will often get a patch file with it to bypass the registration of the software and use the software for free, but many times the downloader doesn't understand how to use the Patch, so here is the method
  • Copy the patch file from the downloaded folder and paste it in the main directory of the software (means the folder in which the software is installed, mostly it is in c-drive->programs files-->folder with name of the software) after coping double click on the Patch.
but a major problem with patch file is that it is often detected as a Trojan by the antivirus software so here are some things to follow before using a patch file.
  • when you download a patch file first scan it with your antivirus software. If it detects it as a Trojan it may be safe to use it but if it detects it as any other thing such as malware, adware, virus, worm etc never use it.
Note:- It detects it as a Trojan because it makes changes to the software you want to use, your AV may think these changes are not appropriate so it detects it as a Trojan, but there is always some chance that they may be harmful even if detected as a Trojan, but it is the Risk you have to take for using the software for free.

Personal note:- Though patch file is a easy way to crack software, i may suggest to avoid using it, search instead for serials or cracks of that software. If for some reasons you only find the patch file try it because "there is no gain without risk" .

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